The European Commission has released its 2022 Work Programme


This week, the European Commission released its work programme 2022 with some initiatives related to water. According to the Commission: “it demonstrates our determination to bounce forward from the pandemic stronger than before, accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and build a fairer, more resilient and more cohesive society, in line with the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement in the continuity of the previous initiatives taken.

The document includes several initiative with direct or indirect impact on water-related dossiers:

☑ the initiative on Integrated water management – revised lists of surface and groundwater pollutants (Q3 2021)
☑the (A2.1) Revision of the urban wastewater treatment Directive (Q2 2022).
☑ (A1.4C) Measures to reduce the release of microplastics in the environment (Q4 2022)
☑ the (A1.5) Sustainable use of pesticides – revision of the EU rules (Q1 2022),
☑ the (A2.21) revision of the pharmaceutical legislation (Q4 2022)

However, some clarification are needed as regard the importance of water efficiency particularly in the context of the urban wastewater treatment and industrial emissions directive. Moreover the document does not clarify – despite some positive signals in the public consultation –  the risk of inconsistency between the revision of the pharmaceutical legislation and  the objectives of the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

To find out more, check the full programme here.


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