The ZERO BRINE Project releases New Policy Brief


In the context of the public consultation opened by the European Commission on the revision of the Urban wastewater treatment directive, the ZERO BRINE project has released a new policy brief, expressing some recommendations in line with the political options suggested by the European administration.

Which are the key recommendations?

  1. Set up integrated management plans for large agglomerations (prevention and optimal management of the collection/storage network + treatment)
  2. Reduction of use: obligation to connect when there is a centralised system
  3. Impose track and tracing of pollution at source (prevention and optimal management of the collection network + treatment
  4. Disconnect all industrial wastewater releasing industrial pollutants not treated in the public treatment facilities from urban wastewater (to ensure that the sludge is not polluted with industrial pollutants.
  5. When the disconnection is not possible, the exploitation of the value of water must consider the Circular Economy of minerals in the brine flows, more than just the agricultural flows of phosphorous.

To read the full list of ZERO BRINE’s recommendations, check the policy brief here.

To learn more about ZERO BRINE developments, click here.


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