Unleashing projects potential at Water Projects Europe events


Water Project Europe (WPE) is a series of WE events made to learn from and build on the experience of innovating projects working on converging topics. WPE aims at clustering water-related projects by thematic areas to allow them to interact, mutually build on the respective experience, support policy development and stimulate the market uptake of innovations.

Since December 2021, WATER Europe has held three successful Water Projects editions, under the following themes:

1. Integrated Water-Smart Strategies for industrial processes (15 December 2021)
2. Nature-based solutions for water security and ecological quality in cities (2nd of June 2022)
3. How Innovation Projects can Support a Water-Smart Industrial Emissions Directive (14th June 2022)

– The first WPE edition ‘Integrated Water-Smart Strategies for industrial processes, held on the 15th December 2021, counted over 300 registered participants and online viewers. An insightful panel discussion helped participants to understand how crucial is to preserve freshwater in industrial processes by integrating water-smart strategies. You can relive the full event here.

Over the month of June 2022, Water Europe organised two different editions of its Water Projects Europe event, one dedicated to the MULTISOURCE project and another one on the WATER-MINING project.

– The clustering event ”Nature-based solutions for water security and ecological quality in cities” was held on the 2nd of June. The event aimed at facilitating the systematic city-wide planning of NBS and supporting decision-making to contribute to the achievement of a Water-Smart Society. Five EU-funded NbS focused projects: MULTISOURCE, NICE, HYDROUSA, UNALAB, CONNECTING NATURE were present to exchange and discuss during WPE. The report for this event is available here, while you can still watch the session here.

– Later in the month and in the context of Water Innovation Europe 2022 conference, the WATER-MINING edition ‘How Innovation Projects can Support a Water-Smart Industrial Emissions Directive‘ took place on the 14th of June. The projects B-Water Smart, ULTIMATE, WATER-MINING, Zero Brine, and Brine Mining (LIFE) were presented during this event, giving an overview of their work and their relationship with the current legislation and their contribution to achieving a Water-Smart Society.

Please find here the full WPE WATER-MINING Event Report. The session was hybrid and the streaming is available through the WE YouTube channel.


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