Unlocking Insights: Three oganizations share their perspectives on the vital role of water in their mission


Since the beginning of this year, Water Europe has launched a new interview series that dive deep into the pivotal role of water across diverse economic sectors, gathering insights from representatives of various organizations.  In this month’s edition, we have the pleasure to feature insights from representatives of three different organisations. Who are they? Jurate Svarcaite, Director General of the Association of the European Self-Care Industry, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe and Lucile Sever, Policy Officer at the European Biogas Association.


Jurate Svarcaite, Director General of the Association of the European Self-Care Industry: ‘’AESGP acknowledges the global water challenges and recognizes the importance of sustainable water management. In our sector, understanding and addressing water risks are integral to maintaining a resilient supply chain. We have implemented a robust set of guidelines outlined in our Responsible Manufacturing Effluent Management Technical Guidance, which provides detailed steps for our members to manage effluent responsibly, minimize water consumption, and adopt environmentally friendly practices.’’ Read her full interview.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe: ‘’A holistic water strategy in the EU would be a great step towards establishing a coherent framework regarding the use, reuse, and management of water in an increasingly interlinked industrial value chain. European industries have seen firsthand over the last few years that stability and competitiveness of essential feedstocks is the basis of well-functioning sectors. Therefore, stress and risks need to be mitigated, and sectoral cooperation and synergies need to be strengthened to achieve resilience, with an established enabling framework. There is no doubt that the hydrogen industry will integrate many stakeholders in the course of its water strategy’’. Read his full interview.

Lucile Sever, Policy Officer at the European Biogas Association: The topic of water stress is gaining a lot of visibility in our sector also because biogases plants are often linked to agricultural holdings. We are aware that the cost of inaction in this area would be much higher, so we need to start planning at EU level in order to avoid a water crisis. Read her full interview.


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