Water Europe and LIAA will strengthen collaboration on water-related challenges via R&D


On September 26, Water Europe’s Executive Director Durk Krol, met with the Director General of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Kaspars Rozkalns, to agree on cooperation in the development of joint projects and discuss the inclusion of Latvian innovation players in this partnership platform.

This was a great occasion for Water Europe to mark a new step forward stronger relations with LIAA and enhance collaboration on water-related challenges through research and innovations as well as to support a better integration of the Latvia ecosystem in Horizon Europe projects.

Since LIAA has defined #MissionSea30 as one of Latvia’s national image strategy elements, the cooperation with Water Europe would offer LIAA a vast network to build new partnerships and help Latvian innovation players engage in research and innovations necessary for implementing the vision.

The Sea of ​​Missions 2030 is a set of measures to promote progress toward a cleaner Baltic Sea with the help of innovations and at the same time present the country as a place where world-requested innovations are created.

Latvia is the lead country of the 3seas initiative and thanks to its innovative ecosystem, we believe it can be a frontrunner to achieve a water-smart society. To discover more, read this article and watch the joint interview here.


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