Water Europe Innovation Award Winners 2023: What are their latest developments?


In June 2023, they won the Water Europe Innovation Awards for their ground-breaking innovations. Since then, their commitment to innovation has remained strong. What were their key achievements and latest updates from their previous months? Enjoy the read!

Hydroko, SME Award Winner: ”Since winning the Water Europe 2023 SME Award, Hydroko has leveraged this esteemed recognition to expand our brand awareness and draw attention to our solutions designed for utilities that allow them to reduce non-revenue water drastically. With the award as a catalyst, we’re expanding our client base and establishing strategic partnerships. This enables us to introduce HydroKonekt more easily into the market, allowing communities to achieve remarkable water savings. As a result, our market position has strengthened, and our impact on global water management practices, aligned with Water Europe’s vision of a water-smart society, has deepened. Looking ahead, Hydroko’s team feels very excited to continue its growth trajectory and the positive impact it can make together with Water Europe’’ by Marco Indigne, Hydroko.

Agua DB, Global Water Challenges Award Winner: ”It’s been an eventful year for Agua DB since winning Water Europe’s ‘Global Water Challenges Award’ at WIE2023. Winning the Award has raised our profile within the global water community considerably – we’re organically picking up more followers on LinkedIn and it’s proving a great key to opening doors which would otherwise be shut to tiny companies such as ourselves. It’s been frustrating from the funding perspective – even UK innovation competitions are siloed, so we’ve really had to tighten our belts beyond the comfortable level, but this doesn’t stop us thinking… We’ve extended NTPlus to (hopefully!) recover phosphates from WWRP – proof of process due any day – and early results may just indicate we have a method for removing and concentrating up PFAS/PFOS. Watch this space!” said Maike Waite from Agua DB.

LACROIX, Digital Water Award Winner:” Our award has advanced AQUAWIZE from an innovation to a market-ready product utilized by water operators. We have established a dedicated team, Smart Data Services, to support its deployment and enhancement continuously. Our commitment to refining our AI-driven algorithms underlines our mission to conserve more drinking water and energy each day. This tool is swiftly becoming an indispensable daily assistant for water operators and serves as a foundational platform for developing further use cases in water network management. Feedback from various regions, including EMEA, APAC, and North America, confirms that our solution meets the evolving needs of all water operators. Currently, our primary challenges are enhancing the promotion of our product and executing its scale-up effectively.” by Stephane Gervais from LACROIX.

Águas do Tejo Atlântico, Water Technology & Infrastructure Award Winner:  ”Águas do Tejo Atlântico continues its Linear Path to Circularity! The World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 was a new circular challenge to receive the most impacting event in the world. We welcomed the Pope with a green carpet drizzled with reused water – Águas do Tejo Atlântico and Lisbon City Council saved 578,400 m3 of drinking water, thanks to the use and valorization of treated wastewater. Achieving water circularity involves engaged workers, efficient processes, and innovative technology, ensuring sustainable irrigation. This approach sets the stage for a grand welcome to the Pope! Today our reality in Water Circularity promotes the responsible use of water as a credible alternative for mitigating climate change and fundamental for the future of water management.” said Rita Lourinho from Aguas do Tejo Atlântico.


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