Water Europe release its new position paper for National Recovery and Resilience Plans


In the context of the validation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) by the EU Member States and the initiation of their implementation, Water Europe is now releasing a living position paper on the place of water in the NRRPs and the opportunity to invest in water in order to ensure security and prosperity for the EU Member States.

As a follow-up to Water Europe’s position on COVID-19 released last year, Water Europe carried out a mapping exercise to identify water-related investments in each of these plans based on 4 criteria:
The consideration of the value of water
The contribution in terms of circularity and the exploitation of the value in water
The availability of investments for Hybrid Grey and Green Infrastructure solutions in the management of water quantity and quality
The support for the digitalisation of infrastructures (digital water).
Given the advanced state of the process, the objective of this analysis is to identify areas of progress in the implementation of the NRRPs, to bring forward shortcomings that can be addressed through coordination with other funds and to promote the exchange of best practices among Member States. Beyond the specific evaluation of each national case, four areas were generally identified in which additional efforts must be done to achieve a Water-Smart society. Interested in learning more? Download the full position paper here.
For more information on the position paper, please contact Loic Charpentier.

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